Have you ever wonder about sayings? 

Sayings?  Yes, sayings. 

Sayings that are deep and thought provoking, 

that make you think out loud wondering, what does it mean? 


We're talking about proverbial sayings. 

These sayings you must analyze so that you understand 

its deep meanings.  

Hmmmmmnnn mmmmm

Deep meanings of proverbial sayings when understood shed a light on your puzzled mind and allow you to see things clearer and solve some problems you may be having in your life - help you make wise decisions, help you do things in a different and right you understand, get clarification, and simplicity to the instances, 

happenings and ways of life? 

Today, here at Exploration Africa we explore “Proverbial” sayings that help us make better sense of life, its twists and turns, ups and downs, proverbial sayings that help us analyze situations to find solutions or 

a better way of doing things. 

A breakdown of the complex, another way of looking at the happenings, or occurrences to find solutions that help us make wise decisions 

so that life is better.

Proverbial sayings is for the mature mind that has the ability to think deep thoughts, dissecting or unfolding to get to the core, 

the root or the seed of where it all began.

Clarity and simplicity - I see, I understand, now I know.

So when we know, we have knowledge and knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is a character of maturity. 

This is a process of learning and understanding and when we understand we have clarity. 

So then you ask, “why proverbs?” Why can’t you make it plain and simple for me to understand? Why? 

Why? Because understanding is a growth process, 

a process that leads to maturity in which an expression of our thoughts that has deep meanings can bring clarity and light for resolutions.

Proverbs provide life’s instructions, they are so important that an entire book in the Bible is dedicated to proverbs.

Jesus used proverbs in His teachings to provide instructions for life. African Elders use proverbs to explain life's happenings 

and as a guide for living

Proverbs 9:9 "Give instructions to a wise man, and he will be still wiser, teach a righteous man and he will increase in learning."

I had a chat with my Nigerian friend  Mr. Emmanuel Ezeagwu of the Ibo tribe from the Delta state of Nigeria who has made Atlanta his home for the past 21 years, but remembers his native proverbs.

So in our chat we discuss one that is much rather simple. 

An Ibo proverb. 

One that seems almost so simple and clear that anyone can interpret, but yet has so many branches of thoughts. 

The proverb, “The Young Shall Grow”

What do you make of it? 

Some thoughts as we begin to analyze, interpret and dissect this so simple proverb:

· A baby will grow – yes indeed we do grow, in stages

· Nothing stays the same forever – things change, we hope for the better

· Things will change – it’s inevitable, and a certainty

· Every situation will never continue to be the same – change happens, we must be receptive and adaptable, 

we must be able to bend and be flexible

· A seed planted will grow and produce fruits – with cultivation, nurturing, caring, loving, we produce good fruits

· There is progress in life, start somewhere and let it grow – 

don’t accept the status quo, don’t be stagnant

take a step, begin and it will grow

· One will develop knowledge and understanding - 

we don't know everything, there is always room to learn and grow 

we must be humble, keep an open mind, 

take in instructions and it will give wisdom

What did Solomon ask for?

Dig deep into proverbial sayings

and in all your getting, get Wisdom and Understanding

Life, Love, Peace, Joy, Unity, Hope and Blessings!


Gladys Ekua Bonney