Gladys Ekua Bonney, a West African born, of Liberia and Ghana is Founder, President & CEO of Exploration Africa, and its sister International Cultures which was birthed out of Exploration Africa. 

Ms. Bonney migrated to the United States early 1980's and became a United States Citizen.   She has come through many storms, challenges and struggles in her life, but has arisen and is rising above those situations because of God, a Christian praying Mother - Selena, her son Gerald and daughter Habitta  and some faithful and loving friends.  Her desire, courage, tenacity, determination and faith in God enabled and enables her to bounce back.


The visions for International Cultures and Exploration Africa are both divine, birthed out of Gladys' love for God and people, and a passion for cultures, education, entertainment and technology.

Gladys strongly believes in putting God first and acknowledging him in all that she does. A Mother of two, her son Gerald and her daughter Habitta are her pride and joy, and greatest accomplishments next to salvation.  

Gerald, a youth pastor actually named Exploration Africa, when his Mom Gladys, shared the vision with him.  Habitta on the other hand, a paralegal provides in many ways legal insights.

Ekua has dual master’s degrees in business administration and information systems.  Among her volunteer repertoire are Women in Technology, Technology Association of Georgia and Care Net Pregnancy Center of Atlanta.   

Gladys is pursuing relationships with churches and afrocentric organizations to bridging the gap of cultural diversity between African and the brothers and sisters of African descent for a better world, as well as continuing self studies in cultures.


DeVonne, is an African American from  Woodridge, Virginia, a freelance Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Image Consultant, Jewelry designer, and Makeup artist. 

As a known fashion guru, VonneDe is favorited for her keen eye for detail. She has studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta, and the Art Institute of Washington, and has received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with the concentration in Fashion Retail Management at the Art Institute of Atlanta. 

Ms. VonneDe has worked with Michelle Lynch, Macy’s head stylist and also worked with her school’s fashion shows, numerous times. She has been a make-up artist and jewelry designer for the Art institute of Atlanta runway shows.  She has worked with Redd Angle, a radio host, and has also been featured in her school’s magazine. 


DeVonne assisted with Exploration Africa's first forum Serie production "The African Divide."   You may also check out VonneDe work on her website at www.visionsofvonne.com.  




Minna  - our international cultural community representative, originates from Turku, Finland.   She has lived in the United States since 1990.  

She spends her summers in the small town of Helsinginranta Taivassalo, where her mother grew up.  Her education is in Physical Therapy from Turku Nursing School. 

Minna has a desire to learn about new cultures and wants to help people live with each other regardless of ethnic backgrounds.   Minna and her husband has 5 children whom she has, and is home schooling.  

You'll see Minna at our sister company, International Cultures also, where she may add a little taste of Finland....mmmm...hmmm. Check her out!


"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." Coco Chanel

Jadesola is a graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a major in fashion retail and management.   She interned with Exploration Africa in the capacity of Wardrobe Management.  

When asked what first drew her to fashion, she said she loved being able to escape into the world she created and also cited that her mother helped influence her love for anything fashion related due to the fact that her mother is a fabric specialist.  A Nigerian born from Lagos, Jade grew up in a household where you breathe and sleep fabric. This passion aroused her curiosity about the fashion industry.                                                 


Since her birth in Lagos, to years spent in London, Jade has made it a point to strive for her goals, which were nothing less than her grandest dreams.  One of  those dreams is to become a buyer; another is to become a fashion designer.   

Back in her high school Ronik, Jade was active in any group that caught her interest.  From finishing top of her class, Jade immediately entered Cardiff University seeking a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management.  

As for now, she is taking strides in making her imagination become her reality.  In her spare time, Jade enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, travelling and researching the new trends in fashion. Jade interned with Exploration Africa and assisted with its production "The African Divide."  


  Exploration Africa is in the process of structuring and organizing our team. 

You are Talented?" Gifted?  Yes?

If you have a desire to change the negative portrayal of Africa, shine a positive light, bridge the gap, and like to utilize your gifts and talents....


Drop us a line, let us know of your interest and of your talent!

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