Happy 2020!-The vision is clear! It is perfect!


 Giving God, our Father and Savior Lord Jesus Christ 

All the Glory, Honor and Praises 

for a beautiful New Year!

2020!  Could the vision get any clearer? 

Could it be any clearer?

A 2020 vision of a coming together 

of brothers and sisters in love and unity, 

within the plethora of our diversities!

  Africans, African Americans, Jamaicans, Trinadadians, Bohemians, Haitians...a plethora of our diversities! - But one people!

Finding and connecting ourselves, 

loving ourselves, appreciating ourselves, accepting ourselves 

and knowing that within the sea of diversity we are a unique people, 

strong, enduring and resilient. 

Our connections restores, strengthens, empowers and builds 

a family of rich heritage and traditions, 

a family bond of love, unity and support

where each one is a brother or a sister keeper.  

To this we see a fresh new year! 

A new horizon, a new dawn, a new day 

with a clean, clear, crisp vision!  

A vision as clear as the clear blue skies! 

And, along with this vision, a clear path! 

The path that leads to life and destiny, 

the Master's ultimate plan

for our lives.

Where this plan leads only the Master knows, for He knows the way. 

When we walk with Him, whether individually, or as a people, 

we do not walk alone. 

He guides, He leads, He directs, He protects and He provides. 

Whether it is a trail to be blazed, or a road less traveled,

 He is surety, He is trustworthy and He is dependable. 

Whether we lightly tread, or carry a heavy burden, 

He lifts, He carries, He assures, He comforts and 

He brings peace, Joy, and happiness that surpasses all understanding. 

This year, 2020, let us take a deep breath, individually, and as a people, having a relationship with Him first, and with our brothers and sisters,

letting in the newness of the new year. 

Let us breathe in life, love and laughter, exhilarating  our souls and spirits, walking with confidence holding on to the Master hand, and taking each step forward with love, a clear mind and with renewed vigor.


Exploration Africa is looking forward to what God has in stored for 2020!  

Come!  Come along, we love to have you!

From our family to yours,

A joyous, blessed, prosperous and happy New Year!

We love you!


President & CEO

Exploration Africa