“Mommie…Mommie,” my little girl’s voice rings out from the other side of the house, and without giving me opportunity to respond, 

she yells out her demand, “Come here. I need you.” 

I wish I could tell you that I joyfully ended my current task to answer the beckoning call of a six-year old oblivious to anything else other than her own need – 

Wow! She is too much like me!


But I do wonder at times if my reflection in the mirror of my daughter’s eyes represents the Godly mother I desire to be. Am I, God’s Mini Me?

As the mother of a small child, I have daily reminders 

of both my victories and my shortcomings. 

For example, when my daughter knocks over her cup into her food and I quickly reassure her that it is okay because accidents happen, 

I score a victory over my flesh, 

which would have been more satisfied with me yelling at the top of voice, “Why do you always do this? 

Just sit still and eat.” 

Then, here comes a shortcoming -

making my daughter go to her room because she was disturbing me while I was on an important phone call. Problem solved? 

Well, yes, the immediate problem, but not the over-arching one that had nothing to do with my daughter, 

but everything to do with me. 

I realized that I had placed more value on my phone call and neglected to take time to first get my daughter settled

after picking her up from afterschool care 

later than I normally do. 

She was hungry and tired, and I totally missed it. 

The moral of the story is that as a mother we experience highs, lows, misses, and scores, but the goal I hope to achieve most is to look into my daughter’s eyes and see a reflection that represents patience, forgiveness, and unconditional love, much like my Father God, in hopes that my little lady will one day desire to be just like me. 

A Happy Mother's Day!



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