A Mother in Every Stage

  A Mother is a Mother, whether she is young, middle aged or elderly, 

she will always be Mom, Mommy, Mama – A Mother, 

and, her children, will always be her children, 

no matter what age they are.

A Mother is taking, has taken and will continue to take every step 

along the ages of her child or children. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, of life's experiences or mishaps 

along the way can negate that. 

What she does, has done, is doing, and will do, 

speak every word of what she was called and is purposed to be 

- A Mother! -

Her work is never done, or completed, it is continuous, 

whether her child or children are young or they’ve grown, 

At each stage, Mom, Mommy, Mama is always needed.  

 She is invaluable.

As purposed, Mom, Mommy, Mama, will always be Mom, Mommy, Mama.

Her children, her pride and joy, will always be her children.

Nothing or no one can replace God's purpose 

of a Mother and her child/children.

There may have been and may be trials and tribulations 

that may seem to bend the relationship between a Mother and her child, 

but nothing less can replace, substitute or interchange 

what was predestined and purposed. 

My pride and joys, 

my son Gerald “Darling” and my daughter Crystal “Mommie”

 my prince and princess, was, is and will forever be my pride and joys. 

I Remember bringing my little bundle of joys home, 

hearing the midnight cries, the teething, the fever, 

the little booties and cute little outfits, the first tooth, 

the first step,  the first time they said Mama, Mommy, Mom, 

the little handprints, the “I love you Mommy, Mom drawings,” 

the recitals, the cheerleading,  the basketball games, 

the birthdays as they grew older…

Parenting as a single Mommy, Mom involved performing both roles, 

the loving parent as well as the loving and stern disciplinarian, 

doing the best of the best that she could within the temperance, 

bended knees and the limited resources. 

So you do your best, you raise and train your child/children 

so that as the Bible says when they grow older they will not depart. 

Now older, perhaps millenniums, 

bygone seems to be the days of sitting and spending time together, 

sporadically, or spontaneously.

Now, you have to ask for an appointment to see your own child…..


With this, nevertheless, you must have faith, that no matter what, 

whether there may be a battle or not, 

or a raging storm that may caused tears to come into your eyes, 

you rest and trust in HIS unchanging, strong and mighty hands,

He calms the storms and after the storm, the sun does come out again, 

and yes there is Joy!  Joy does come in the morning, 

and the family unit is in his hands!

With this, my hope for my children,

 is that they allow God to lead, guide and direct them in ALL that they do 

and that in ALL that they do, to please HIM first and foremost,

 and allow Jesus to be their example, letting HIS love resonate 

in their hearts and exhibiting it every day in their lives.

Gerald “Darling” and Kiley, Mom love you

Crystal “Mommie” and Noc, Mommy love you 

 Avionne, Aamair and Tyree, Grandma Gladys love you 

You are my world and I love you always and forever!

I thank God for you and pray his blessings on you!


Thank you to my 96 years old Mama Selena 

for first of all, bringing me safely into this world, 

and for ALL the love you’ve poured into my life 

from the minute of conception and continuously. 

Thank you for being there for me and being my support 

of encouragement and understanding through the years and counting. 

You are the best Mother anyone could have ever hoped for. 

I love you! Thank you for being you! 

God bless you!

As many of you Mothers, Step-Mothers, GrandMothers, or Aunties 

may share similar feelings and experiences, 

for all that you have done, are doing and will do, 

be encouraged, keep the faith,

know that with God you can do

and be ALL things!

A Happy Mother's Day to you!

A Happy Mother's Day to us!


  Today, I share the Motherhood spotlight with a lovely lady with whom I have become acquainted who shares also the pleasures of Motherhood. Ms. Chaun Pinkston who is our Mistress of Ceremonies for our upcoming Prayer Dinner

benefitting the American Cancer Society, 

speaks of the “Mini Me” a reflection of us in our children….

 Love Always,



"Mama You Know I Love You!" - Boys to Men!

Exploration Africa thanks you "Boys to Men" for your wonderful selection, "Mama you know I love you!"   

Thank you!  We love you! We know your Moms are proud!